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A Hello and what I am up to?

Hello everyone, whether new or not. I am writing to tell you what I have been up to and what is coming for this blog and on my youtube channel. On the previous posts are my two latest Vlogs( Entomology Introduction and Giant Bean Insect( Diaphrades Gigantea). There are also others on my youtube page

Coming up is a whole lot of busy. I have to finish my stick insect species page, a page dedicated to animals left on the streets due to the xmas period, and a number of vlogs. I can't wait. My new main video is going to be about insect orders. On the Insect nerd, my insect and animal care website, I have already written about insect orders, so you are welcome to have a browse there.

I am planning to make a chat page for when the website really blooms, but it is currently in its pupal stage( excuse the cheesy insect pun!)

Anyway, i hope to keep this updated as much as I can as well as my youtube vlogs.

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