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A much needed update

So, due to a lot technical difficulties, mainly due to my clumsiness( involving a hot cup of coffee being knocked over onto my keys, ugh), I have not managed to do much blogging. I will give you a much needed update on whats going on.

Firstly, I have been successful in breeding my glass stags, but unfortunately they have passed away due to old age. My Rainbow Stag Beetles are due to be breeding soon. Astrid is tunnelling through the wood in preparation of laying her eggs. Stag beetles tend to lay their eggs in wood or around wood, in soil. This is something I will cover in a care video or information sheet at some point.

My Sun Beetles(Panchonoda Margiata) are currently breeding well and I have found a lot of larvae and hopefully due to sell some. I will either sell them as larvae or beetles. I am unsure yet. Larvae may be easiest.

My Giant Flower Beetle has emerged and unfortunately has damaged wings, but manages to move around well.

I have raised my last lot of butterflies, the fiery Comma Butterfly(Polygonia C-album) and have realised them into the wild.

I found a baby leaf insect( Phyllium Bioculatum). I also found some stick insect nymphs roaming around, which was a pleasant surprise. I could not stop smiling all day :-)

One of my Atlas Moths have finally emerged. Unfortunately, they seem to be emerging at completely different times in the year due to being in diapause(being dormant). This means I will be unable to breed them this time round.

Neville and Luna are doing well. I am trying to setup the rain chamber for them to encourage more breeding behaviour. Luna is huge and keeps knocking the plants over in the tank, I give up. You try and make something nice, and animals just ruin it lol :-)

Here are some photos below..

Phyllium Bioctum nymph

Atlas Moth . He's so huge!!

Female Giant Flower Beetle( mecynorrhina torquata ugandenis)

Comma Butterfly(Polygonia C-album).

As you can see here, the Comma Butterfly gets its name from the small silver comma on the outer wing. They are now my favourite butterfly of all time. Sorry Peacock Butterflies(Aglais OI), you just don't have the unique fungi looking wings.

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