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A new beginning.

So, I have had a website before on and have posted some vlogs on youtube as Animal-Chit chat. However, I have struggled to use wordpress and I find it's setup and site generally very laggy. It also is very hard to navigate. Considering my content will mostly be insect related, I decided that I would change my name to Insect Nerd. I think this name sums me and my blog up perfectly, as ever since I was very young I've adored insects. This is a new site, so it will be some time before its fully developed, but it will be fantastic, so stay tuned in! Don't you dare turn off that computer!!!

My cover photo is a picture of a mantis shedding its skin. Why? Well, like this blog, the mantis is shedding, and growing. That's Henry the Giant Asian Mantis. I have another called Moonlight. I'll be posting different inforamation on mantises and many other exotic insects on this blog in due time. This website is in its first shedding stage so please be patient while I set this up!

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So due to complications of my website I will be selling them on the link below. I can sell them for £10.00 each with postage of eight pounds and possibly tracked delivery.


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