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A well needed update: The little monsters have grown, a new addition

Hello everyone! Long time, no see, or heard, I guess. I don't know. Anyway, I would love to give you a well needed update.

So, many of you know I have been raising the incredible Atlas Attacus, commonly known as the Giant Atlas Moth. This moth is one of the largest moths on the entire planet! It has the wingspan of approximately 25cm! It is an exotic moth. It's the larvae I have been rearing. They are very sensitive to humidity levels and were very tricky to care for. I would recommend raising cocoons first, especially if you are new to raising Lepidoptera (Butterflies and Moths)

The Vlog on how to care for early instars is below if you are curious.

They are now a lot older. It's upsetting but I lost a few, but sometimes that is part of the insect process. There are always some weaker than others, others that trail behind, and unfortunately end up being dragged into the realm of death. If this happens, don't be disheartened, even if you lose more than a few. Keeping exotic insects can be tough, especially these ones. Not matter how much you try, no matter how much effort you put in, sometimes you just can't save them all. And though that's sad and disheartening, its normal. Especially, when you first keep a species. This was my first time keeping them as larvae, I have kept them as cocoons.

Final larvae stage

I am ashamed to say that I lost a few in this process, but guess what? I learnt and the next time I keep them I will do better. The more you keep a species the better you become at raising them. So don't worry. Don't be disheartened.

Sorry for the ramble, but I feel that this needed to be said.

Also, I am due to complete a care guide for the Attacus Atlas. More video content is also on the way so keep your eyes peeled on my channel.

The most exciting news is that we have a new addition to our household.

This little furball is little Finely. He is an adorable thing. His favourite things are feet, food, toy mice and discovering new places. We adopted him from Felines 1st, a fantastic charity which I highly recommend to anyone wanting a kitten. They are really passionate about the cat's welfare.

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