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Do we take anything seriously about insects?

I know, I know. Not everyone likes insects, but they are crucial to our ecosystem in many ways. They help with the decomposition of biological waste, provide a source of food for other animals. Insects help determine time of death of an animal, or in the crime world, a victim. Lastly, bees and butterflies help us pollinate plants and flowers.

This is where I come to an issue I have discussed before, but it is something that hasn't been taken seriously. The Uk is still going ahead with using neonicotinoids, a dangerous pesticide that is causing harm to our bees. Researchers have found it affects other insects too.

Causes of the harmful pesticide....

  1. Prevents Bees from being able to sleep

  2. Causes development issues within the bees brains

  3. Confuses nervous system, and inhibits the ability to fly

  4. They forget where their food is

  5. Puts them in a drugged up state.

For the ignorant people out there, I will tell you why it is so crucial for us to go against this heinous decision. Without Bees, our plants would not grow. Important fruit and vegetables needed for good nutrition would die if we had no bees, or butterflies. Without the pollinators, plants will die, and so other animals will perish. And, we would be the ones responsible for that!

So, why do I write this? I do it as everything deserves respect and the right to live. Even bees, wasps, flies. They are part of this world and deserve protection. They may not be a cute, little puppy or bunny rabbit, but they still need to be protected by us, and from some of us. From those who care about nothing but profit. By those who deem insects inferior.

I know many people despise insects. I am not expecting you to become obsessed with insects and bees after reading this. I just want you to take a moment to understand the crucial role they play in our world. Insects deserve to be looked after as any other pet. They deserve the best too. Unluckily, the insect hobby is filled with careless, sick people who think little of insects needs and researching their proper care.

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