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Hello everyone. So, we are now mid way through February. Yay, Winter is nearly over and Spring is on its way! Its a time when life will start to unravel and begin to thrive. Sorry I do not write too much on here anymore. As previously stated, being an animal mum can take up a lot of time. There are a tone of them and only one of me! I suppose I ought to stop purchasing so many inverts, but they are all so fascinating to me.

I have decided to do a post monthly for you all. It may be easier for me at the moment, as life seems to be a little hectic as of late.

So, what news have I got to share with my current insect nerds? Well, for one, I have a load of new inverts that I purchased from the Seas invert show in Kent a couple of weeks ago. I have done a video on this to detail what I got. If you haven't watched it yet and are interested then go to this link:

I also have done a new video on White Tree Frog Nutrition. Luna and Neville would be delighted if you joined us for some good old nutrition information advice, link:

Another exciting thing has happened! One of my Elephant Hawk Moths has emerged from its pupae! I have had them since last spring, and watched them as they grew into pupae, and now one has emerged from overwintering! It's such exciting news! I am thinking of making a video about them as I find them so intriguing.

Here is a photo of the wonderful Elephant Hawk Moth:

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