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New Video! What is coming up?

Hello everyone. So,I posted a new video on youtube about my Crested Gecko Pharaoh, who I purchased in November last year. I go through basic care with Crested Geckos. It's a quick video but I will be doing more specific care ones soon. I plan to do a video dedicated completely on setting up the enclosure, diet, health. I am also going to do the same for my white tree frogs, Luna and Neville. They have really grown by the way. Luna is huge!

I have already done a video for the whites on all those things, but I want to do a more precise video detailed on each thing, rather than a long video, which was hard to do. I had to try and fit everything in and couldn't concentrate on one subject for too long.

I also want to post some short videos, just a few minutes, showing a few of the incredible insects/animals I keep.

As for the website building itself, mobile version is nearly completed. I am also planning to add the for sale page. A care page on mantis is to be typed up for you too and plenty more too. Have a happy Monday :-)

As promised, here is the video link for my new vlog

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