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Our Bees are in danger!

So, I don't often read or watch the news. If I am totally honest, it depresses me deeply with all this covid stuff going on, but I came across an article and my jaw dropped and eyes widened in astonishment when I read the context of this article. They were doing what? Allowing a chemical harmful to bees to be used for beetroot crops?

The funny thing is, this pesticide( neonicotinoids) was banned in the EU three years ago after the government agreed it was too toxic to use. Many scientists and conservationists have scolded the government for allowing the National Farmers Union to use such a dangerous chemical.

So, why is this pestcide to be used at all? According to farmers, the yellow virus is spreading through sugar beet. Yellow virus mainly affects plants. Symptoms can include: round patches on the crop( mainly Sugar Beet), outer leaves have yellow veins. It has been around since the 1990s and can be transmitted by aphids.

Though this is an issue, using such a dangerous pesticide affects our pollinators greatly. It effects both Butterflies and Bees, our main pollinators. For bees, it causes problems with brain development, and can even go as far as preventing them to take flight.

There have been studies that when Neonicotinoids was used three years ago it wiped out bee egg clusters and some queen bees too, making breeding for bees difficult.

I can see that there is a threat to sugar beet crops and perhaps other plants. However, as a insect enthusiast, I strongly think using this pesticide would be unwise.

Watch my video below for more information.

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