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Phalacrognathus Muelleri Larvae Growth( otherwise known as Rainbow Stag Beetles)

I am extremely pleased to say that my first set of Rainbow Stag Beetle Larvae are doing very well. This one is the largest, and the others still have some way to go, but like everything in life, things take time to grow and develop.

Something intriguing about Coleoptera(Beetles) as they take on their long, but beautiful journey of metamorphosis, is that the grubs shed their face with each moult! I actually found a face a couple of weeks back. Forgetting that they could do that, I screamed in terror, and then realised it was just how they shed. I then calmed down. Lol :-)

I have done a video specifically on Rainbow Stag Beetle( Phalacrognathus Muelleri) husbandry, but not on raising grubs, or raising beetle grubs in general, so will plan to do one for you soon. I have however done a caresheet for caring for larvae in general(

In the meantime, check out the Stag Beetle Care Video below.

I also recommend this video for others who are new to Coleoptera and are unsure of what species to keep first.

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