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Saving the Bees. People and insects

So, I posted a video about bees and how this new pesticide is very harmful to them. But, not just bees; other insects such as flies and butterflies are also affected. I understand flies are not everyone's favourite insect, however they are a crucial food source for many other insects and animals.

The government and the farmers union still want to continue with this perilous decision, which will endanger many fantastic insects' lives, and ruin our relationship with insects. We depend on them so much, yet the government is willing to use neonicotninoid to solve the problem. It seems, some of us as human's feel we are more superior than insects. Insects are amazing. The way they behave, their external structure, internal structure is fascinating to me. They are stronger than other people give them credit for. Some can grow legs back. Let me ask, those who are 'apparently' much more important than insects, can you do that? I don't think so. Can you gauge humidity whilst in flight? Can you go around pollinating plants day to day, making them grow? No.

The arrogance of this race sometimes astounds and disgusts me. Insects are just important as animals. Yet they are, in a way, discriminated against. Why? Because they aren't a fluffy bunny? Because they have a shorter live span? That doesn't matter. They do a lot in their short time on this earth, more good than we ever do.

I have been studying different insects for years( mostly phasmids) and am so saddened by how insects are treated.

I know this post hasn't been the most jolly one in the world, but sometimes there are things that have to be said. Whether other people like it or not, that's their decision.

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