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Spring is coming !

Spring is an amazing season, new animal and insect life comes out of hiding. Flowers bloom, and life starts to really boom.

I must admit I am a summer fan but spring is also a magical time of year. Bees start to awake from their sleepy stupor and some butterflies ready themselves for breeding season, though breeding is more frequent during the start and mid summer for most species.

Today, I saw one of my favourite butterflies in the garden,The Comma Butterfly(Polygonia C-album). We had never had these in our garden, but I did raise a few last year so chances are that their young decided to stay here to thrive.

Comma butterflies have lovely wings, which appear jagged like, not many butterflies in the Uk have this. They also have a small silver Comma on the underside of their wings, hence why they are called Comma butterflies. I feel this is a really bland name for such a striking butterfly species. It should be called something more flamboyant.

Have you seen any of these in your garden ? What other species have you seen? Comment below if you would like to share.

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