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The Fantastic Giant Atlas Moth( Atlas attacus)

Hello, my fellow insect nerds. Hope you are enjoying this summer heat. I must admit some days have been stifling, but it's great to see the sun. Recently, I have been raising such a great species of moth.

Atlas attacus are one of the worlds largest moths, their wingspan length is a total of 25cm! They are the most incredible moths and one of my favourite exotic moths. I have raised these from cocoons before and I was so astounded and transfixed by their fantastic patterning.

Now, I am raising them from larvae. Rather, I have been raising them for a few weeks now. I was told that they could be tricky to raise because small instar like more humidity than later stages. I unfortunately lost a fair few along the way. They are a tricky larvae and are extremely sensitive to their environment. Before rearing these from larvae, I would start raising cocoons; I found these easier to care for.

A few weeks ago I recorded a vlog on the care for instar stages L1, L2,L3. The link is below if you would like to have a look, and beneath that some photos of the lovely larvae.

L1 Attacus atlas

Attacus Atlas instar L4

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