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Welcome back!

So,2022 has been..... How can I describe it?A disappointment so far. My poor baby Primrose unexpectedly past. I didn't expect her to. The poor thing was shaking, and unfortunately by the time me and my boyfriend started to put her into the carrier to take her to the vets, she had already gone. I was saddened to see her go so soon. I had her for approx 20 months. I was so shocked and saddened for her to be snatched from me so soon. But, at least she is no longer in pain and is at peace. I just wish she was here with me. I never found out what was wrong with her, and don't want to go into real depth into it. She was shaking a lot and wouldn't eat. I did phone the vets, but without being able to physically examine her over the phone, they were unable to know the true cause of her illness. They suggested that she had a sugar shortage and to provide some honey and to try a favourite food of hers. To my dismay, this didn't work.

Over the past week or so, I had been trying to find or research the cause, but I am still unsure. It is, sadly, a mystery I will never solve. Saddened to see an empty enclosure and all her stuff, I decided to do something with it. I made the enclosure into a beetle communal area for Bert and the Sun Beetles(Panchod Margiata) Bert is a funny flower beetle; he loves to charge about and the old enclosure was not big enough for him to do so, but now he can fly and run about to his heart's content. Seeing my beetles happy in their new environment, makes me feel a bit happier, but it's not the same without her. I will miss her cuddles and the way she sat on me while watching Netflix. She was a truly special hamster, who I sorely miss.

Primrose my beloved baby, Rest in Peace.

Her cuddling up with me on my fluffy jumper.

This is only part of the enclosure for the beetles, but I need to add more. No Stag Beetles allowed as they can be viscous with other beetles.

Bert the Tiger Flower Beetle(Mecynorrhina Oberthuri) climbing the sides. He loves it!

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