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Winter is coming.....

For those of you who have watched Games Of Thrones(Not you younger ones, sorry), you will have a laugh at this tittle. But winter is coming, in fact I think all of us feel as if it has crept on us way too quickly. I hate winter, personally I like the sun. Snow is pretty but feeling like a snowman(rather snow woman) is not my thing at all. I'd rather be in a hot country sipping some Pina Colada, but Winter is a season of joy too, especially with xmas coming around. The reason why I mention weather is that we need to think of our animals during this harsh time. This is the time of the year where I start turning the heat mats on for my frogs. They have strong lights but it does get really cold in the part of the UK where I live. I already have the heat mats on for insects who need it. I check the temperature twice a day, everyday. This is just a reminder to keep your animals warm, soul and temperature Spoil them rotten, I say.

Also remember if you buy animals for a loved one, remember a pet is to be loved and cherished. NOT a temporary xmas toy that is due to be thrown away in the new year. ANIMALS ARE NOT AN XMAS TREND ! It is around this time animals like dogs and cats are brought and discarded on the streets. We can stop this by making others aware.

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