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I'm back

Hey there, my crazy insect people, I am back. I apologise for not updating this blog frequently. I am currently looking after a range of insects and I also am taking part in an amazing boxing event for cancer research( Check out my insta for more information; theinsectnerd97). In addition to this, I am due to release new videos with the fantastic Save the Animals Save the world. They sell t-shirts to earn money for conservation purposes, so a big shout out to them! Check them out on instagram(@savethenanimalssavetheworld) and on Facebook too.

My new video is about my Glass Stag Beetles, Giselle and Spike. I hope to either do a Atlas Moth or White Tree Frog video next.

I am currently raising butterflies. I have 18 still in their chrysalis, and 9 to emerge. I hope they all emerge. Unfortunately, sometimes they don't survive the third stage of metamorphosis (the pupae as we insect geeks call it!) . Two of the eighteen are small tortoise butterflies, the rest I don't know. I was told they were a mix of Peacock Butterflies and Small Tortoise Shells. The other 9 are from the organisation World Wide Butterflies. They are supposed to be large tortoise shells, which apparently haven't been seen in the Uk since the 1950s. However, someone spotted a few in Portland, Dorset. It seems their numbers are slowly rising, but they are still assumed to be declining by butterfly conservationists.

I feel even the butterflies that are widespread still require help with conserving their species because butterflies, sadly, have a limited lifespan and maintaining their population will be a perfect way to prevent them from entering the endangered zone.

If you want to help with butterfly conservation then purchase some butterfly larvae from insectlore or worldwide butterflies, or even ebay, but unsure they are a legit seller beforehand. Sometimes, sadly, you can purchase something from someone who has had bad reviews by mistake, and the insects are not sent properly through the post.

For more information on how to care for butterflies, please go to my butterfly page on this website. It will teach you out to setup your butterfly enclosure properly.

( This is the smaller cousin of the Large Tortoise Shell Butterfly)

Atlas Moth Female. You can tell she is female by her rounded abdomen. Sadly, they only live 5 to 10 days so I won't have her long, but they are so fascinating and I do recommend keeping them. Just not as a pet, rather something to study and look at.

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