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Jumping Spiders, hurrah!

So, today my jumping spiders arrived. They are so adorable and I am so happy with them. I purchased two different species in the end, so for now I will not be breeding any. However, I would love to try in the future.

The two species I purchased are Phiddippus Otiosus Regius( a hyrbid species of the regal jumping spider) and Phidippus Pius.

Today, I tried my best to vlog and create an example of a simple sling( baby spider in arachnid terms) enclosure. However, I am unsure how it turned out, so need to go through it and check it accordingly. This will be( if released) a video on creating enclosures, not a full care video, that will eventually come next for you. I will prepare a Jumping Spider care sheet for you eventually too. But for now, enjoy the lovely sight of these beauties. I haven't named them yet by the way....

There will be better photos of this, but they are just settling in, so haven't handled them for a long period of time. The Female Phidippus Pius female is very shy as their species are known for.

Sling enclosures for arboreal spiders( from the spider shop) One of the jumping spiders( the male Phidippus otiosus regius) is bigger so I will have to upgrade the enclosure for them soon. I technically orderted the wrong size by mistake, but this one will do for the female Phidippus Pius(Top Photo).

Again, these little dudes and girls are so fast. so I was unable to capture clear photos.

Its a little snippet of what they look like, but when they are ready to be handled, then I can show you more vivid photos/ videos of them.

Hopefully a new video will be out soon(lets hope technical difficulties are sorted).

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