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Latest Update

So, what is going on in the world of TheInsectNerd?The answer: so much. I have so much to do, it seems, but it is worth it for my babies, lol. As much as I would love to post every week and vlog more often responsibilities take hold. Being a mum of( well, I don't know exactly how many as I have some breeding etc), I have responsibilities to keep my babies healthy. My afternoon includes many routines for my inverts, my Crested Gecko, and two White Tree Frogs. Cleaning routines, feeding, providing water, weighing(not daily), and health checking( weekly) take up a lot of time. I still haven't covered total tank cleans, refreshing foodplants, checking my beetle grubs are developing well, and searching for rotten leaves.

But anyway, back to the whole reason for this blog. This is just a little update for me to let you know what I plan for the future. Let's start by talking about my latest Vlog. I discuss Grub's development and show you some of the types of grubs I keep, for example, Megsoma Elephas Grubs(Elephant Beetle), and Phalacrognathus Mueller grubs ( Rainbow Stag Beetle).

The link is below if you want to peek into the life of a grub. I must admit they are ugly things, but Coleoptera transformation itself is so beautiful, so incredible.

In addition to this, I would love to share some lovely photos and short clips with you that I have taken over the past few days.

Aragog the Pumpkin Patch Tarantula(Hapalopus Sp Columbia)

White Tree(Litoria Caerulea)- Neville and Luna sit together at night. They are such an adorable couple.

Neville was caught snoozing on the background. By the way, the reason why there is a kitchen role around him is that annoyingly this background had a few holes or rather gaps at the top. As well as being a fussy eater, Neville is also an escape artist and used to squeeze past the background and sit behind it! It seems he's not too keen on doing that anymore but just in case I attempted to block the gaps with something for the time being. I am due some hanging plants and decor which will help me block the gaps more appealingly. I admit Kitchen roll isn't the best decor for a tank. It's just temporary.

Neville has always been a hard frog to care for. He is a fussy frog and seems to change his mind on what live food he wants quite frequently. He also gets very anxious every time I clean and change the tank around. Neville tends to not eat for 1-2 days after a tank change due to feeling anxious in his new environment. After a short while, he relaxes and goes back to eating again. It's a weird behaviour which I am sure loads of White Tree Frogs do have. Neville was unwell as a baby but is currently thriving. I will go more into this in a vlog I want to call 'Neville's story'. I will also be doing a vlog exclusively about White Tree Frog Nutrition. I did attempt a video but I got Neville and Luna out and they leapt everywhere. I couldn't concentrate on what I was saying so I decided to delete the video and do another one.

Neville sitting on Luna. Luna puts up with a lot it seems lol.

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