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My babies are all growing up.

Insects are fantastic to watch and you will be surprised when you connect with them on an emotional level. I have kept so many insects over the years, mostly stick insects, leaf insects, and I have delved into Lepidoptera( Butterflies and Moths) , Coleoptera( Beetles).

My moth Larvae have grown massively since they have hatched fresh from an egg. It is cliche to say, but so true, it seems like only yesterday that I setup their enclosure for the first time, and gently placed the eggs on the tissue and nurtured them like they were my children. That is what I do with all my animals, and I am sure you do too.

Growth in insects has always amazed me. The way they hatch from a small egg, and then progress into something bigger by shedding their skin. Metamorphosis is truly an amazing thing, which I will be talking about in my latest podcast soon, so stay tuned. There are two other episodes on Spotify: It's The Insect Nerd. The first episode is: An introduction to Entomology, and the second is External Insect Structure Part 1.

Have a look at this orange caterpillar. Can you guess what species this is? Comment below if you know the answer. A little brain teaser for you on a cold Monday morning.

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