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So, as you know yourself , life is a hustle and bustle and sometimes we don't get to the things we want to do as often as we want to. I really enjoy making these blogs, but alas I don't have the time to do it weekly. But never mind, here we go.

So let me update you, my fellow insect lovers, what I am currently up to. What I am currently keeping.

This is one of my new Rainbow Stag Beetles(Phalacrognathus Muelleri), Astrid. She is female and out of the three of them, is the biggest girly I have.

This is Cosmos. He is my only male. Unfortunately, poor Hercules past away.I am unsure why at this point but have been researching into it. I think it might be because he is a smaller male and may be a growth issue, but I am not certain. I miss him greatly and that is why I got another male.

One of my Phyllium Gigantea is a full grown female. This is big for me as I have struggled with this species of leaf insect for such a long time. They have a record for being utterly fussy with humidity, so can be a handful, especially at younger stages. And , I am so proud I decided to star in the photo too lol.

Little Ron is new. He is a Giant Rainforest Mantis(Hierdula Majuscula).

Elephant Hawk Moth Larvae(Deilephila elpenor). They are now cocoons, but just wanted to show you their striking appearance as larvae. They slither on my fingers like small serpents.

Pupae for the Elephant Hawk moth. They are an amazing, striking species to rear, and they are native to the UK. Remember moths take the night shifts for pollinating, so conserving them is also crucial.

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