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South western invert show

Hello my fellow insectnerds! Today is my birthday. I turn 25 today , and no I don’t have any grey hairs. Cheeky!

I was treated to a night away in Taunton, and then to the South Western Invert Show. This is my second event like this and I throughly enjoyed it. The turnout was immense. It brought not only the old generation of invert lovers but also the younger generation too.

This brought a smile to my face as I recalled when I was a child and would sit in the garden spending hours watching nature. I recall a time finding a moth pupae and raising it. Putting garden spiders in my little globe and looking into it watching the spiders weaving their beautiful webs.

Who was there , you ask? Cheeky Mantis, the spidershop, The creatures from the north, the insect farm, and more. There was even a insect show to educate the younger generation on inverts.

What did I get you ask? Well I have a few pics but you will find out what I get in more detail on my vlog.

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