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Hello, my fellow insect nerds. I hope you are having a great summer! Are you enjoying the hot sun or do you prefer cold winter? I myself prefer the sun.

So, updates then. What's going on? Well, to my surprise and utter delight I am raising ladybirds. I have raised the larvae from eggs; they were produced by two ladybirds which I found from the wild. Oddly, they were two different species. I am excited to see what species they will become. They are currently in pupae. I hope they make it through. Unfortunately, sometimes ladybird larvae don't make it through the pupae stage. I have noticed how incredibly fragile they are.

Example of Pupae. I am unsure which species this will be as the parents were different variations of ladybirds!

Have you seen any ladybirds and if so which ones? I would be interested to know. Message me on here or on my Insta @theinsectnerd97.

One of my freshly hatched Giant Prickly Stick Insects(Extatosoma Tiaratum) nymphs are doing well and are as cheeky as ever. They may be small but they are fantastically fast, so when handling please be careful not to drop them! Also watch them closely. Just a side note; try not to handle them too frequently as nymphs are fragile and legs can be accidentally ripped off. I handle mine when putting them into another net to carry out a total clean. I will maybe make a separate page or video to talk about this subject.

Check out my newest video links here!

Leaf Insect or Stick Insect, who is your favourite? And what is your favourite species?

Nevilles story: Not just about the insects! I also have lovely Neville and Luna, and Pharoah the Crested Gecko. Neville had a tough time as a neonate frog and I go through some issues I experienced when he was a little one.

Beetle Grub Fact Video. See the Giant Elephant Beetle Grubs and more!

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