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Updates for you insect nerds !

Hello, everyone. I would like to apologise for my inactivity on my blog and vlogging. I plan to do more of both, but life for me is a bit of a jumble. I am starting a new course and with caring for a numerous of animals I can not always upload vlogs or blogs as often as I want to.

I plan on recording some for you soon. I aim to do some on spiders, since I have some really good news I would like to share with you. I will share it now as I am too excited to wait.

My jumping spider female, who I named Priscilla has had a whole lot of babies!

It shocked me, as although I was planning to breed them, I hadn't been prepared for slings( I had tried with Cornelius a few weeks ago but he was too stunned by her beauty and ran away)

Then she laid her egg sack, and I thought they would definitely be non-fertile eggs. However, in a few weeks I saw babies appear beneath the white sack and was pleasantly surprised. I did some research, and as it turns out some jumping spiders can be wild caught from some breeders, so therefore, they could have bred with a male in the wild.

I have been so busy preparing little pots for the babies to go in. I am excited but nervous as I have never raised spider slings, and heard they have a reputation to be extremely fragile. Thanks for some great advice from a friend and some research, I have a clear understanding of how to care for them. Here are some fantastic photos and videos of them. They are so tiny so I am afraid the picture may not be entirely clear.

Jumping spider sling. Sling is a term for a baby spider.

The photo below is of the wonderful Candy Flower Beetle(Pachnoda iskuulka. They recently have emerged from their pupae( Approx. five days ago).

The Photo above is the pupal stage of The Candy Flower Beetle( Pachnoda iskuulka). This little on is just preparing to pop back into the world , simply adorable

As well as the spiders and the beetles, I also have baby Bean Stick Insects( Diaphrades gigantea). They have some growing to do before I know which ones are male vs female.

This is a small Deaths-Head Hawk Moth Caterpillar( Acherontia atropos) from my old adults. Unfortunately they have all perished but the babies remain.

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