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Yay! No more Pesticides!

The vote against pesticides overruled the choice to use them. Neoncide, the dreadful pesticide, will no longer be used on bees. Bees, butterflies, and all insect kind will no longer suffer. That is thanks to all of you lovely people who signed that petition and fought against such a reckless decision. Bees brain development will be stable and the bee population can continue to flourish.

Just when I thought we had lost respect for our insects, people surprise and delight me by caring. This is so exciting for us!

I also wanted to have this opportunity to tell you that I will be doing a wildlife vlog soon. I am currently working on my wildlife area from last year. It took a lot of work to weed out all that Ivy and move stuff around. Now time for the fun bit. I get to build an area for nature. Bug hotels, a small wildlife pond, bee and butterfly houses, and log piles. These things all make a great wildlife area. Can't wait to show you all! Adios Winter!

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