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Hello all, been a while. Finding it hard to balance out half marathon training, vlogging, studying, and writing my blog. I am still working on that stag beetle page and an insect injuries page. I know, I don't update it often, but there is already a lot of information on here already, so go and check it out.

Now for a sneak peak of what ill be up to. I plan to do an insect injuries and growth issues video next. It's a video I feel is needed to be shared. Shedding is a massive process for Leaf Insects and sometimes it can go horribly wrong, so making a video how to prevent bad shedding would be helpful. Recently, I have also found out that my rainbow stag beetles(Hercules and Blossom) are stunted beetles. I originally got them from another breeder who had raised them to two fine beetles. However, unlike the average rainbow stag beetle they are no where near their size average, and unfortunately will never be. But, they are lively, happy and their small size doesn't affect them in the slightest. Small beetles often come from the grubs transitioning when they are too small. There are ways to prevent stunted growth in beetles, but sometimes their are just smaller ones.

My newest video is Top Leaf Insect Care Mistakes and Ladybird enclosure building. Have a watch and don't forget to like and subscribe for more insect and animal related content!

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